PumpPDF for Lotus Notes provides creation of dynamic PDF documents containing Notes database values.

Support for graphics, images, view icons, Notes Fields and @Formulas, rich text, formatted text, HTML and drawing objects etc.

PumpPDF provides a designer where PDF document contents are laid out and properties, attributes and behaviour are set.

PumpPDF Designer

PDF documents can be linked to Notes databases to create PDF documents containing document values, @Formulas, rich text, HTML etc.

Designs of PDF documents are saved within Notes database to take advantage of replication, field security, lookups etc.

PDF features such as Page Mode (Full Screen, Thumbnails, Outlines), Page Layout(Single Page, One Column, Two Columns), Viewer Preferences (Hide Toolbar, Hide Menu, Fit to Window etc.), Annotations, Compression, Page Sizes, Orientation, Margin settings, Author, Keywords, Subject, Title etc. can be controlled.

@Formula interface to call PumpPDF functionality behind action buttons and Notes agents etc. removing the need for views, forms, subforms and lookups.

Powerful HTML objects allow creation of extensive visual designs. All HTML images are managed by PumpPDF and stored as attachments.

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